Light Body Activator (Libyan Gold tektite & Aphophyllite Pendant)


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Libyan Gold Tektite & Aphophyllite Sterling Silver Pendants💫

Libyan gold tektite

✨️stone of manifestation

✨️connected to golden ray

✨️ high vibration

✨️ clears, protects, calms, strengthens & enhances connection to source

✨️protects energy & balances solar plexus


✨️releases suppressed emotions

✨️overcomes anxiety, worry, fear

✨️assists with major change

✨️enhances & develops intuition & connection to Angels & guides

✨️stimulates feelings of joy, love & gratitude

✨️brings confidence

NOTE: due to the design of these pendants & the use of natural stones there is slight variation in shape & size

please contact me if you would like to see more photos

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