Agni Manitite (Tektite) & Smoky Quartz Pendant


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Agni Manitite (Tektite) Pendant

All i can say is wow!! This gorgeous tektite packs a gentle punch, slightly softer then moldavite, but really helps to get you moving and shift some of those old stagnant energies. If your someone that tends get a little scattered when working with high vibrational stones then the addition of smoky quartz will help ground your energy ever so subtly so you can still get what you need to done!

Agni Manitite, also known on the market as Pearl of Fire, is an extremely rare tektite found on the island of Java, Indonesia.
Agni Manitite is the newly discovered gemstone that has plentiful sacred powers that will assist you in your energy utilizing acts of life. Today’s modern markets have a good deal of various gemstones that offer help in various aspects of one’s life.
Almost every human on this planet desires to attain the best. But there are only a few that make it out to the point of their target. If you too are one among the ones that need the pull, then Agni Manitite will serve the purpose. It is said to drive the power levels of a person to the top which sets them right on the track towards the goal. So, it transforms the energy into action for the betterment of the person.
Apart from driving the levels of intuition and power in people it also is used in spiritual activities like the tantric, kundalini awakening and so on. The person using the Agni Manitite for kundalini awakening must understand that the power hence got is the most powerful and cannot go wasted. In fact, such kundalini power when wasted or employed in negative acts will cause danger to that person alone. Beware.
Though, there is nothing much to worry about, it must be kept in mind that the power derived with the help of Agni Manitite through the kundalini awakening is remarkable ‘the best’ for self-enlightening or improvement. This stone also protects from any kind of negative powers that thrive to destroy the lives. So, consider Agni Manitite to be a savior from against any kind of negative powers.
Agni Manitite is a stone of initiation.
When one invites its energies to merge with one’s own, it can ‘tip the scales,’
turning what is merely possible into something actual, transforming potential into manifestation.
When one is working toward spiritual awakening and transformation of the self,
Agni Manitite can push one forward into the inner processes that need to occur.
Smoky quartz – is the most efficient grounding & anchoring stone, raises vibration, protective, aids in stress relief, neutralizes negative vibrations, relieves fear & lifts depression.
34x18mm Sterling Silver

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