Channelled Energetic Distance Healing (60 mins)


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Uncover & clear the limiting beliefs and blockages that have been holding you back from ‘Being the best you can be!’ With a combination of modalities and intuitive guidance, we work on clearing all those things that have stopped or hindered you from moving forward on your divine Path!

​Liz is highly qualified in a variety of modalities (Medicine Bundle):

– Reiki Master

– Kinergetics Practioner

– Shamanic Healer

– Sound & Vibrational Healing

– Theta Healer

– Crystal Healer

– Medical Intuitive Practioner

– Psychic Medium

Each healing is unique based on what your needs are! Liz is guided intuitively to take elements from her medicine Bundle to help you on your way, through self realization and awarenesss we can bring your dreams into a reality xxx

You don’t have time to see me in person? No worries we can do a distance healing, this can be done either over the phone or via skype and you get to be part of the session just as if you were here.

Simply send me a message, an email or a text on 0421117629 to book in your appointment

60 Minutes


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