About Me

Our Unique & stunning pieces have been created or selected to support you on your journey, helping you to get out there and make our dreams & wishes come true. Each piece has been created to inspire & empower you on this journey into your desired future!

Each piece is an investment in you & who you want to be!

Ellurah combines Reiki, Crystals & Sacred Geometry to help you to move forward with your life purpose feeling inspired, nurtured & supported on your new path!

Meet the Maker – Elizabeth..

A gifted intuitive medium- Elizabeth (Liz) connects to Spirit Guides & loved ones in order to deliver divinely guided messages, that can provide insight into your life. Whether you seek clarity in your cloudiness, or are just seeking guidance to current circumstances, a reading can provide a new perspective and a fresh approach to situations that may have seemed insurmountable!


Liz delivers messages with humor, love and compassion and is all about supporting you to live the life of your dreams and remind you that you are the creator of your destiny! Combine this inner wisdom with calming reiki and nuturing crystals and you find a dream coming true!