Archangel Uriel


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Archangel Uriel Statue
Archangel Uriel assists humankind in creativity, magic, alchemy, astrology and the divine order. The Archangel Uriel meaning guides our mental energy, supporting us in our thoughts and ideas, helping us to be clearer about our judgements and insights. He is a strong link between humankind and the cosmic universal energy flow, creating a vortex so that we can benefit from the greater guidance of the spiritual realms. Archangel Uriel shows us how to embrace and use our inner power, and connects us to our spiritual mission. He carries a flaming sword which cuts free any painful burdens from the past, helping us to understand why something may have happened and enabling us to stop feeling like a victim. His sword is believed to purify emotional and mental understanding, transforming those with lower vibrational energies to have a more spiritual understanding.
Archangel Uriel healing brings enlightenment to you, giving you peace of mind and calmness to any painful memories you may associate with your past. Healing can be asked for by saying the Archangel Uriel prayer. He brings divine light and alters your view of a distressing or sorrowful event, giving you peace in your heart and helping you to find some sort of an understanding. Archangel Uriel helps you to overcome disappointments and instead see them as a blessing,
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