Aura Celestite Heart


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Aura Celestite Heart

Celestite, also known as Celestine, is revered for its high frequency and Divine energies, and is known as a powerful healing crystal. Celestite has been called a “teacher for the New Age”, as it will connect one with the Angelic realms, allowing for the free-flow of these higher frequencies into the Crown and Third-Eye Chakras, and also down into the Throat Chakra for expression.  Bringing mental calm and clarity in the midst of any chaotic circumstance, Celestite can allow one to easily flow through a traumatic period and still come out on top.

Aura Quartz is a very tranquil and peaceful crystal. it has very high levels of spiritual energies that will be very beneficial to your aura. … An all-healer that can purify and align all your chakras, l Aura Quartz will harmonize all your energy fields and make them work beautifully with your physical body.

Measures: 82x68x41mm

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Weight .325 kg
Dimensions 8.2 × 6.8 × 4.1 cm


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