Ignite Crystal Lamp


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✨️Is it time to follow your hearts desire? Have you been lacking the confidence and drive to move forward? If so this is the lamp for you. Its all about connecting to your passion and love for self. Acting as a catalyst for change.
Consisting of a high vibrational
✨️fire & ice quartz crystal which contains the energies of the spirit of life and pure love. A self-cleansing crystal that is wonderful for manifestation & the law of attraction.
✨️Rose quartz a for compassion, self worth, self love & forgiveness.
✨️Rose Aura Quartz for unconditional love and connection to the divine .
✨️Aura Quartz brings positivity & light
✨️Herkimer Diamond is the stone of attunement & connection to manifest your dreams.
✨️Lemurian Quartz to amplify the energy & awaken our gifts and knowledge.
measures 15cms in length


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