Integral Lightbody Activation



Integral Lightbody activation

Is to activate & align your DNA lightbody with your  intentions, whether they be short or long term.

It assists in clearing self sabotaging & limiting life patterns (karmic blockages) that no longer correlate with our goals.

A process of illumination & self awareness to implement  the actions steps to achieve YOUR dreams.

Currently only being performed via Zoom


So so grateful to have the opportunity to receive an Integral Light Body Activation via zoom from Liz. I have felt a huge shift into an active phase of planning and taking action for my year ahead after feeling stuck, confused and unmotivated for a long time. Liz is so lovely, nurturing and generous and was able to pinpoint exactly the intentions I wanted for this year, it was like she was literally reading my mind! She is an absolute gem and my go to when I need support in the form of healing or guidance. Thank you so much Liz you are incredible. 😊

Sarah Vic.


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