Moon Phase wooden Wall Hanging

5 of each colour available
Hangs 75cms in length


In astrology, the moon governs the realm of subconscious (and at times conscious) emotions—the part of ourselves which we often can’t express, but feel on a deep and soulful level. Your moon sign, or the sign and placement the moon was in when you were born, dictates what your inner self needs. But the changing face of the moon in the cosmos affects you on a regular, more tangible basis,
Why does the moon exert such a strong influence? Think of it like this: The moon controls the tides of the ocean, and we are made of 60% water. We can feel its tugs and movement in everyday life.
As a result, moon mapping—or the process of deliberately acting in accordance with the moon cycle—can guide our daily decision-making. Each lunar phase is thought to give off a different energy, and we can harness that energy through daily life. Representing beginnings and ends, new moon energy is way different than Full Moon energy.
Since the moon encourages us to look inward, moon-mapping is especially important for inner work. Harness the moon’s power by setting intentions, or guiding goals and principles, during each lunar cycle. During the new moon, write a list of what you want to attract—and during the Full Moon, what you want to let go.


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