Pink Opal, Amethyst & Hamsa Pendant


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Pink Opal,  Amethyst & Hamsa Pendant

The hamsa is an ancient Middle Eastern symbol that holds a variety of meanings across cultures. Nevertheless, it is regarded in all faiths as a protective talisman that brings good fortune, health and happiness. The hamsa is primarily used to protect its owner from the ‘Ayin Ha’ra,’ also known as ‘The Evil Eye’.

Pink opal healing properties have a gentle frequency that help to calm and soothe your emotional body, clearing and calming the heart to bring a sense of love, peace and hope.In addition to healing matters of the heart, the pink opal meaning encourages the release of fear, worry or anxiety
Amethyst crystals are exceptional for providing spiritual protection, inner strength and clarity of mind, making them a classic meditation tool. Meditating with them can help you to become more in tune with your feelings, helping you to get to know yourself on a much deeper level. It also stimulates the crown chakra and calms your thoughts, making it a powerful aid in meditation.
Amethyst healing properties also include acting as a natural form of stress relief. This crystal attracts positive energy while ridding your body of any negative emotions—feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, depression and more. The healing properties of Amethyst help to clear your body’s energy field of all negative energies and influences, acting as an energetic shield that creates a bubble of spiritual light around your body.


Measures: 45x13mm

Sterling Silver


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