Raw Black Tourmaline Schorl



The Raw Black Tourmaline Schorl is a crystal popular for healing and protection that gives inner peace, good health and positive outlook to the owner. It is an alluring and mysterious crystal. Its pith-black and velvety dark surface makes it more striking to the eyes. As to its color, it harbor a deep meaning due to its darkness and depth.

This stone can get rid of negative energies and represents purity which also cleanses the emotional body.

This gemstone is characterized by the symbol of strength. Some believe they are a good help for inner strength and helps get rid of thoughts of worry and excessive harm.

This Black Tourmaline is a good help for stress and tension. It helps with clearer and rational thoughts.

Measures: 137x52x33mm

Additional information

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 33 × 52 × 137 cm


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