Shunghite earrings


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Shunghite Earrings

Elite shungite, also known as silver shungite, contains around 98% of organic carbon, making it the most beneficial and rarest form of shungite—it is also said to have a much stronger effect than black shungite. Elite Shungite stone is known as the Stone of Fruition as it brings forth positive blessings and positive results. It helps you to know what is beneficial for a better and healthier future. The shungite metaphysical properties are said to infuse your aura with light, allowing only positive, beneficial energies to reach you. It is also a very powerful protection stone, especially from EMFs and for psychic protection, making it a very beneficial stone to place by your electronics—like computers, mobile phones, and televisions. Shungite benefits and shielding power arises from its rare, noncrystalline carbon mineral formation, according to crystal expert, Judy Hall.
Measures – 33x10mm
Sterling Silver

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Dimensions 3.3 × 1.0 cm


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