UPLIFT – The Emotional Balancer


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💫UPLIFT – The Emotional Balancer💫

Smoky Quartz & Aphophyllite Sterling Silver Pendant

With the intensity of Christmas, new year & holidays fast approaching, this can be a time of emotional, mental & physical exhaustion. It was for these reasons I was guided to create ‘UPLIFT – the emotional balancer’ . A beautiful combination of smoky quartz & apophyllite.

💫 Smoky Quartz
✨️nurtures, neutralizes negative energies
✨️alleviates fear, stress, anger, resentment whilst uplifting depression & fatigue
✨️absorbs electromagnetic smog, blocks geopathic stress, regulates fluids & reduces chronic pain
✨️creates emotional balance & expands intuition
✨️ aids with grounding, stability & protection
✨️Facilitates alignment with the divine, and the ability to move through change & overcome situations with ease

✨️releases suppressed emotions
overcomes anxiety, worry, fear
assists with major change
✨️enhances & develops intuition & connection to Angels & guides
✨️stimulates feelings of joy, love & gratitude
✨️brings confidence

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