White Jade Angel Wings


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White Jade Angel Wings & Stand

White Jade’s energy is peaceful, joyful and wonderfully practical. It gently encourages us to stop struggling so much and to step outside our ego’s perspective and see the bigger picture. It helps us to be compassionate and forgiving towards ourselves and to all beings. It reminds us that forgiveness is not synonymous with being passive or accepting bad behavior. Instead, it shows us that forgiveness is simply a way of cutting ties with any bad energy, such as resentment, which does not serve us. White Jade gracefully leads us into internal harmony and helps bring our relationships and environment into balance with us. White Jade moves energy in the most effective manner possible, wasting no time and getting right to the heart of what is most real and necessary. It also can be used to work through negative money beliefs that lead to scarcity-thinking or greed. White Jade is excellent at helping us develop a sensible and straightforward relationship with money


Wings & Stand 18x15cms

wing size approx 10x6cms

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