Fire Crystal Lamp


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Fire Crystal Lamp

Tapping into the fire element energy, this lamp  assists in finding a new  enthusiasm for life, enhances your connection with others, and can ignite that playfulness.

If life has been feeling a little dull and boring then this is sure to put a bit more pep in your step!

Consisting of

fire & ice quartz crystal  which contains the energies of the spirit of life and pure love. A self-cleansing crystal that is wonderful for manifestation & the law of attraction.

Citrine to clear old fear & limiting belief patterns

Orange Aura Rose Quartz brings out the positive, bright side of any situation. Place in the center of a room, workspace, or social gathering to bring joy and laughter, success and enthusiasm.

Herkimer Diamond is the stone of  attunement & connection  to manifest your dreams.

Lemurian Quartz to amplify the energy & awaken our gifts and knowledge.


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